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7 / 11 / 2013 Kik Messenger Voice Messaging Add-On Holler!4Kik Is Now K*Tok, New Updates Galore

It's been a little more than a month since the app launched on iOS devices, but 3rd-party add-on Holler!4Kik has been working vigorously on new updates and features and has since changed its name to K*Tok. Its key features include the ability to send and receive voice messages and sound effects to Kik friends. In addition, users can start a live voice chat with up to 10 participants. K*Tok also tells us that a voice changing feature and a new UI are all coming soon.
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6 / 5 / 2013 Holler!4Kik Voice Messaging for Kik Messenger Now Available for Apple iPhone Devices

Holler!4Kik, created by OneTok, Inc., has been available for Android devices for quite some time now, and we learned last month that there were plans for a rollout to iOS devices, though we didn't know exactly when. That time has come and Holler!4Kik has been approved by Apple and will be on iTunes shortly.
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5 / 3 / 2013 Holler!4Kik Brings Voice Messaging to Kik Messenger Users

Have you ever wanted to just talk with your Kik Messenger friends without having to give them your phone number or switch to another application? A lot of people do... Holler for Kik (written officially as Holler!4Kik) lets you record, send and listen to voice messages using Kik. It's simple enough.
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4 / 23/ 2013 OneTok Refines SDK and Focuses on Carriers, Social Networks, and Messaging Apps

Last September, OneTok announced that its API moved out of beta and was publicly available for developers to integrate speech recognition functionality into any app. Since then, OneTok has overhauled the platform, refined its focus, and readied itself to better meet developer needs.
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3 / 27 / 2013 Holler wants to be the voice layer of your apps

OneTok, the voice recognition software platform founded by the people behind Vapps, has pivoted to Holler, a consumer-facing voice message app.
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1 / 07 / 2013 10 mobile startups to watch

OneTok is a cloud-based platform that lets developers configure any word or phrase to invoke any activity.
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December 11, 2012 OneTok Announces Highly Accurate Mobile Voice-Search Library

Developers can embed reliable, cost-effective capability into mobile apps
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October 22, 2012 Appcelerator signs 10 new partners, including AT&T, Apperian, WeLink to its open mobile marketplace

Appcelerator, a popular mobile platform company, celebrates its one-year anniversary of its Open Marketplace. The ten new partners that are now available in the Appcelerator ecosystem include OneTok
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September 23, 2012Give Voice To Your Apps With OneTok's Voice-Interpretation Platform

To make your applications truly mobile and safe that can be used even while one is walking, jogging, running or driving without crashing into something or somebody, you must add voice capabilities to your apps. And that would not be a difficult task any more with the public availability of OneTok. OneTok is a voice-interpretation platform that developers can use to create intelligent voice interfaces that enable users to interact with and control mobile applications simply by speaking to them.
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September 19, 2012Hey devs, want to add voice to your app? OneTok makes it easy
- GigaOM

Now that touch input has revolutionized the mobile device market, what’s next? Voice interaction and natural language processing (NLP) surely have to be high on the list. But it’s not always easy for app developers to enable voice features. Enter OneTok, a cloud-based NLP solution.
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July 24, 2012OneTok Launches Platform Allowing Devs to Easily Integrate Voice Recognition Into Apps

We first introduced you to OneTok back in March, when we reported that it’d raised a $1.5 million seed round from investors including RRE Ventures. Back then, the NYC-based startup was operating solely in beta, working to bring its voice recognition platform–which allows developers to easily embed voice recognition technology into any app on Android, Blackberry 10 or iOS–to the masses.
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July 24, 2012OneTok Launches Voice Recognition Platform for App Developers with $1.5 Million from RRE

OneTok, a new platform app developers, aims to make voice enabled functions simpler and cheaper.

The company launched its platform in beta today with $1.5 million in venture backing.
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July 20, 2012Announced at PhoneGap Day in Portland on Friday, July 20th

OneTok announces a $500 prize for best app developed using the new OneTok library and Phonegap. Submissions are due by August 6th. To register and download the library, please go to

MARCH 22, 2012New Startup OneTok Wants to Bring Voice Recognition to the Masses

If you’re fed up with iPhone’s Siri, might we suggest another option besides getting litigious? OneTok, the newest venture from serial entrepreneur Ben Lilienthal, wants to voice enable the rest of the mobile web.
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MARCH 21, 2012Vapps Alums Raise $1.5 Million for OneTok, an App Platform With Voice Control

Thanks to Siri, you can talk to your phone. With OneTok, you’ll be able to talk to your apps. OneTok, a stealth mode platform created by the founders of Vapps, will allow app developers to integrate voice recognition software into their offerings.
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